Friday, January 13, 2012

A single modren storey house

  Single level modren storey House  has many advantages over old  traditional single-level players  which are not many here. First, we divide the living area and a different style than the height of the basement uplift. The high platform. Sun also provides the opportunity to circulate the air space under the house. Make your house cool. However, keep the house cool, it must include many factors such as high-pitched roof, high above the insulation of the ceiling. I noticed that. Wooden houses with basements in the past. The concrete house is colder than that.
This is partly because the factors mentioned above. In addition, the local council is open to the wind blowing through the flow gap easily. Do not hold the heat. I like this house has a house on the ground floor and leave me with a look at my house that I would like your home on wheels and I like it:).

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