Friday, January 13, 2012

How to decorate your kitchen

Hi all, welcome back to decore sweet home. Today I would like to tell you about how to decorate your kitchen and how many kitchen type. In the present day we can divide kitchen in 4 category as below.

1. The modern kitchen.
 Modern kitchen is a kitchen with a unique emphasis on cutting-edge features. But simplicity is striking. The design principle of a geometric shape. The layout is not complicated. The materials used in the modern kitchen is fully equipped facilities. That will allow for easy cooking in the kitchen. And is very fast. The kitchen in this manner is suitable for people who live mostly in the capital.
modren kitchen

2. Thai Kitchen style

 Thai cuisine is considered to be a kitchen that can be used  heavy  cook  or chop the typical lifestyle of Thai people. Designed to separate them so popular. To avoid noise interference, the pungent smell within the home or structure with composite cement. To support fully. And may be decorated with a pattern on the tiles. And durability. And easy to clean.
Thai kitchen style
3. Kitchen for  show.

 Of course, the kitchen in this format will not be a truly 100% regardless of the beauty that can indicate the taste of my own home. It is designed to be connected to other parts of the house perfectly. The open-air atmosphere, with no air conditioning and uncomfortable. Materials used were carefully chosen as a pantry shelves, desks, etc., which looked into the middle of the room together nicely. Or the level of the ground. Kitchen look more attractive. It may be installed at the counter. With modern high chairs inside the room. The kitchen in this house would suit someone who has it.
Modern kitchen for show style
 4. Semi-finished kitchen. And finished.

This kitchen is perfect for areas that are subject to a condominium or apartment or house is not very big area. The easy of installation. And can be purchased easily. Only need to calculate and measure the size of the area to make a kitchen look carefully. The appropriate choice. The compatibility of the colors in your home.

Semi finished kitchen

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