Friday, January 13, 2012

8 steps to maintain safety in the kitchen

Dear friends today I would like to tell you 8 stenp to maintain safety in your kitchen

8 steps to maintain safety in the kitchen.
When you are design a new kitchen. Safety is a primary to consideration. In the U.S., laws governing the design of kitchens and other rooms in the house. The kitchen is easy to cause accident. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has proposed a step in the design of the kitchen, taking into account safety, as follows.
1. The use of fire properly.
The light properly . The brighter the light over the cooking area could help to reduce accidents and injuries. During cooking, however, using light should not be too much glare or shadows on the surface.

How to decorate your kitchen

Hi all, welcome back to decore sweet home. Today I would like to tell you about how to decorate your kitchen and how many kitchen type. In the present day we can divide kitchen in 4 category as below.

1. The modern kitchen.
 Modern kitchen is a kitchen with a unique emphasis on cutting-edge features. But simplicity is striking. The design principle of a geometric shape. The layout is not complicated. The materials used in the modern kitchen is fully equipped facilities. That will allow for easy cooking in the kitchen. And is very fast. The kitchen in this manner is suitable for people who live mostly in the capital.
modren kitchen

How to decorate small bathroom look bigger

Dear friends today home sweethome forum will tell you how to decorate small look bigger.If you live in condominuium or a small house (like me ) and you'd like to deocrate your bathroom let's read this ! I would like to share to you all below. The decorate small bathroom is the state of art but you can learn. let's go :)
Firstly  the bathroom should have minium height at 2.2-2.4 m and the most important thing is the ceiling's color should be a light color such as white color to keep the bathroom looks brighter.

How to decorate your sweet bedroom

Hi all today home sweet home blog will bring your some nice picture of bed room to you for your decoration instant. if you need any further information about how to decorate your house please find more in our blog or google:).
One thing that I need to share you warn , you've gotta keep in mind that bedroom is the place that you have to sleep every night. you need to keep it clean and tidy.  the color tone should be soft tone such as light pink ,light blue , white or green. but it's up to you anyway :P

A single modren storey house

  Single level modren storey House  has many advantages over old  traditional single-level players  which are not many here. First, we divide the living area and a different style than the height of the basement uplift. The high platform. Sun also provides the opportunity to circulate the air space under the house. Make your house cool. However, keep the house cool, it must include many factors such as high-pitched roof, high above the insulation of the ceiling. I noticed that. Wooden houses with basements in the past. The concrete house is colder than that.