Friday, January 13, 2012

8 steps to maintain safety in the kitchen

Dear friends today I would like to tell you 8 stenp to maintain safety in your kitchen

8 steps to maintain safety in the kitchen.
When you are design a new kitchen. Safety is a primary to consideration. In the U.S., laws governing the design of kitchens and other rooms in the house. The kitchen is easy to cause accident. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has proposed a step in the design of the kitchen, taking into account safety, as follows.
1. The use of fire properly.
The light properly . The brighter the light over the cooking area could help to reduce accidents and injuries. During cooking, however, using light should not be too much glare or shadows on the surface.

2. The anti-slip surface.
Fall while holding a hot pot or a sharp knife in hand, it is very dangerous. Should be protected.
The anti-slip flooring materials such as wood, matte (Matte-finished wood) or laminate, textured vinyl or ceramic tile, but if you use the Soft-glazed tiles. Carpeted floor, it should be small. On the back of it does not slip or stick to the best place around. Frequently wet areas. To add security to your body.
3. The fire.
NKBA that should have fire extinguishers near the kitchen exit. Away from the kitchen unit and 15-48 inches above the floor.
4. Install light switches and light bulbs away from water and wet hands.
U.S. law requires that building ground must be equipped with electrical appliances.
This switch will cut the elctricity when too much power, or when the humidity is also proposed that the NKBA.
Control equipment. In the kitchen attached to the walls of the room. (Wall-mounted control) should be 15-48 inches above the ground.
5. Kitchen should have a function lock from the outside.
Nowadays, especially kitchenware, oven and dishwasher will be able to lock to prevent children Applications, which will give you assured me that no one else can use it if you are away. This can be done two ways to make family block or run block.
6. The control of water and tools.
Install faucets with a valve controls the flow of water to prevent water too hot and dangerous or pressure control valves that equalize hot and cold water. And tap water, it can be programmed to set the desired temperature.
7. The design of microwave safe.
Do not use a control unit behind the appliance. Should be located at the front or side is better.
8. The area safely.
Need to think about passing out in the kitchen and make sure that it is people moving around will not clutter the kitchen. Set the microwave for approximately 24-48 inches from the ground because we do not have time to reach the food out of the oven. Slide-out trays and box on the ground floor of the cabinet allows for easier storage and faster. And this Avoid round the corner of the Counter Counter is designed to replace the other.

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